Monday, January 30, 2017

While we were sleeping

We have dined on democracy,
taken tolerance out for a dance;
such riches has equality given us at parties.
Opportunities are strings of pearls,
clasped loosely round our necks -
the arrogance that they won't come undone shines bright
as we clink martini glasses that we think are half full.
A frenzied hum of opulence hangs in the air
like cigarello smoke,
pleasant at first until it chokes you.
But the hangover of these nights
looms heavy.
Pockets have been getting fatter.
Regimes have begun.
Barriers already have foundations built while we
were staring slack-jawed by phone light,
vowing we'll never do 'excess' again.
We'll drink alka-seltzers to settle our stomachs,
while tyranny takes hold,
it happened while we were sleeping.
We wake, alarms clanging in hollow heads,
turbulence today.

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