Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Your Office Angel

My name's Julie, and I'm your Office Angel,
Did the pink suit give it away?
I'm not bothered by the credit crunch,
Temping recruitment is here to stay.
I provide you with office and temp jobs
But I talk them up in the job spec
It gives me a sense of accomplishment
Even though my nerves are a wreck.
I think that appearance is vital,
So I have a manicure every week
I've been Angel of the Month for six months now,
I thrive on this winning streak.
The clients come in with shit CVs
And I farm them out one by one,
To call centres and restaurant kitchens
It really is so fun.
If I was a colour I think I'd be pink
And I'm a girl so that's about right
My soundtrack in life is Capital FM
And I read the Metro every night.
I didn't complete my GCSEs
But my background in admin was solid
I thought that recruitment was the way to go
As being out of work is horrid.
I really do feel for my clients
As they come in and their CVs I read
I ask them what work they're after
And how good's their typing speed.
I think about the company ethos
Which I originally thought was a flask
That pink is the best, and offices rule,
And there is no such thing as a menial task.
My name's Julie, and I'm your Office Angel,
And I can't wait for the weekend
A big night out wearing angel wings,
And a glass of chardonnay, my best friend.