Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Winter's Tale

Well, it's been a week now since NaNoWriMo finished… I didn't submit my word count to them in the end, because I kind of felt like I didn't need to: so no certificate for me, and in their eyes I am probably not a winner, but I'm still walking with the glow of knowing I got 51,355 words down in 30 days. PHEW.

Well done to everyone else who completed it!

I'm still working on it now, adding bits, completing backstory, and taking out the trite nonsense I bashed into it on off-days. I've given myself the deadline of 31 January to have it all tied up, and then I might just start sending it out. If I'm feeling particularly brave, I might post a preview of it on here…

In other news I mentioned that I was going to be published in the Railroad Poetry Project, so here it is! Big thanks to the gorgeous folk at Railroad for the lovely opportunity and early Christmas present :-)

Hope you're all well and starting to put up fairy lights and write your Christmas cards and generally Be Festive.

Have a great Christmas and see you for more poems in 2012…

Ray x

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