Monday, December 13, 2010

Win the cover

Back in the Autumn, before the weather dipped and we were sauntering about in light jackets, I entered a competition from Metro newspaper to literally Win the Cover: have your message posted on the front cover of the newspaper for everyone to see.

Sadly I did not win (and am surprisingly un-bitter) but here is what I submitted, along with super-duper illustrator and all-round girl wonder Laura Barnard.

Who knows, we may do something with it in the future, but thought you might like to have a nosey.

Happy Christmas to you all x x x


Charles said...

You were cheated! That so should have won just on the poem and the illustration is great.

Andy Briggs said...

That's wonderful Ray. "Steamrollered sherbet lemons". Wow.

Jingle Poetry said...

you won in your heart.
blessings fly your way.