Monday, June 7, 2010

Ursula and Minnie

This is me getting into the Bugged idea before it goes live on 1st July...first line overheard London SW10.

“Darling if you want café you are going to have to beHAVE.”
Ursula is pushed out of the large front door.
Her pigtails swing, defiant.
Why can’t Mummy take her to school?
Because Mummy is BUSY.
A stamped foot can achieve nothing anymore,
Ursula thinks, as Minnie tries to grab
her tiny white arm which
bites sharply away.
Mummy loves Minnie because Minnie
does everything.
Minnie is not good at English,
but she runs the house like a
smoothly oiled wheel.
Ursula hates Minnie because Minnie
is doing Mummy’s job of being Mummy.
Mummy is always at the dining table,
at sea,
picking through islands of paper
and avoiding the sharks.
Ursula is given grown-up promises, like
being allowed a croissant before school,
or a fluffy cafe au lait to the envy of her friends.
Her patent T-bar size twos slide
on the restored 1920s herringbone tiled path,
inelegantly trying to stand their ground.
It doesn’t work; Minnie is tiny but
surprisingly strong
and Ursula drags her feet for a full thirty seconds
before forgetting why she was cross.

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rxkitten said...

I love this story grown from one sentance! I shall be eavesdropping on July the 1st, can't wait to read the results. x