Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Morgan Ray, wallpaper

Feed my ego, Google, and
report back to me
at the end of each day
just how many people are reading my words:
My small, insignificant words.
Analytics reports show
that during the week beginning 22nd March 2010
I had 42 hits all sourced from Google searches.
My show-off heart flutters with pride.
People are GOOGLING ME.
They want to find me, source me, read me.
This continues to excite me.
This is what it is all about;
writing my words
so that people read them, like them,
respond to them.
I've still only got a small 15 followers
if we're following Blogger's own statistics,
but this is good news.
I decide to find out how they found me:
how do they google me?
'Ray Morgan poet, Southend on Sea?'
'Ray Morgan, wonder poet, inspiration to thousands?'
Ok I'm getting carried away.
The first one is Morgan Ray, wallpaper.
Ok, that's interesting.
I wrote a dark, quite depressing poem called Wallpaper.
How do people know about it?
I re-read it.
It's nothing spectacular.
I notice that an awful lot of people
have clicked their way to my blog
using these same search terms.
I try it myself.
Morgan Ray wallpaper.
Morgan Ray is a...
porn star.
And people are looking for screen wallpaper,
I am a little deflated.
I am not a popular poet.
I am one wrong click away
from a busty MILF.
I hope they enjoyed one of the poems,
at least.

1 comment:

the half-life of linoleum said...

Ray - I love that phrase - 'I am one wrong click away. . . ' I don't know the other Morgan. Maybe she writes poems too. Yours will be better.