Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow at 7am.

The streetlight casts its amber eyes
over the Kendal mint cake snow,
compacted and snoozing under the glittered frost.
Fox footprints run away from me,
in dashing arcs and lines
telling me he had fun in the snow too.

I crunch towards the beach
where white chocolate buttons
are mindfully looking towards Kent.
The world is still sleeping,
breathing quiet mist
and singing a silent song.

The station is calling.
A train skims by,
untrustingly soft and hushed.
I walk underneath the streetlight
where it buzzes and clicks off,
as though solemnly obeying my cold mind.


Anonymous said...

I like this a lot, but i'm not sure about the mint cake/buttons metaphor.
It's probably because i think of sugar-rushes (especially at 7am!) but overall i'm feeling calm & silenced by the imagery, despite the unearthly hour.
(I originally thought Kendall would echo Kent, and then maybe a reference to Barbie's 'Ken'in the third stanza would tie it all up nicely, but then I stopped smoking this awful weed, and decided to be a little more constructive!)
Nice work.

Ray said...

Thanks Yanny.

I half-think that both references were due to the fact that I missed breakfast, but I don't want to sound un-poetic.


Always appreciate the feedback so thank you for reading!

R x

Jonathan Krawiec said...

I really like this poem.
Jon. Wren and Martines friend, we met once. x