Tuesday, November 17, 2009


One girl,
big gob,
One man,
fat tie
strike up chat
just like that
outside of West Ham.
"Where you gaan New Year?"
"Ah, mate, gaan up London."
"Yeah mate. I know. What. a. touché ."
He drags out the words,
diction clicking,
tripping off his tongue.
She nods
Sauvignon Blanc-addled brain thinking,
New Year up London is well touché."
Touché, really?
Call me an
English lit, post-grad twat
but do you mean
a fucking cliché?
What exactly do you mean?
Small exchanges
between two strangers,
their bond
the London commute.
Alight at Benfleet:
Please mind the gap.
This station is Benfleet,
change here for bus links
to Canvey Island.

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